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Cooperation for government organizations

Decorating government structures such as: ministry, kindergarten, hospital, department and others with balloons can be caused by various occasions - a special company event, an advertising campaign, interior decoration for a holiday or entertaining visitors.

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New UAE Themed Balloon Decoration Composition

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6 Meter Classic garland 1.5 meter Balloon pillar 2pcs 5,5 meter Classic Arch

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About cooperation

Since 2017, Bemyballoon has been delivering balloons all over the city to decorate spaces for special events. We offer our clients a wide variety of arches and garlands for the decoration of the entrance group, ready-made compositions of balloons, as well as the assembly of the composition according to individual wishes.

Our company cooperates with government agencies such as: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, administrative buildings, ministries, police, departments, etc. You can order balloons from us to decorate the halls, corridors and other rooms of the building.

Our company has its own delivery service, so we quickly and carefully deliver orders to any location within the specified time frame. Our principle is to take care of our customers, so we try our best to ensure that you receive professional service and be satisfied with the cooperation.

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Cooperation benefits

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Saving time and money

Our company will deliver the finished compositions and install it right on the spot. You won't have to look for a third-party company for assembly and delivery.


After installing the balloon compositions, we send a report to our customers to visually show the work process and the fact that the work was completed with the specified requirements.

High-quality materials

In our compositions, we use high-quality organic materials that do not harm the environment (see the description).

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