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Halloween sets

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A bat is one of the main characters of Halloween, so balloons with her participation will serve as an excellent decoration for the holiday!

190 AED
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Everyone is familiar with the work of Frida Kahlo. Her image has become incredibly popular on Halloween. That is why the set of Frida balls will brighten up the celebration for lovers of her work!

180 AED
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Halloween - a holiday where it is customary to scare - is known to everyone. For this, a set of "Boo!" - he will remind you what to do on this day.

220 AED
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Of course, without the Headless Jack pumpkin, Halloween just can't be imagined!

210 AED
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Set "Halloween" perfectly conveys the colors of the autumn holiday and looks good as a decoration anywhere!

200 AED
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The set of balloons with a bat "Night visitor" is created to please you not only on Halloween night, but also in any other holiday!

140 AED
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