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Enjoy for the sweet tooth, which can not be eaten - a set of balloons "Sweetness". By the way, it is allowed even on the toughest diet! This yummy one can certainly pamper yourself at night and not think about the consequences!

200 AED
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Set of balloons with declarations of love. There is no better way to express your feelings than to write about it in a balloon. Pink cute gamma set, emphasize the trepidation of your relationship!

160 AED
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Little does not mean bad! Awesome not a great New Year's set. Decorate your holiday and save your budget!

130 AED
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Every New Year, all people drink champagne, make a wish at midnight in their hands holding a glass of this celebratory drink. A set of balls "Bottle of sparkling" will perfectly decorate your table and create a festive New Year's atmosphere!

160 AED
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